Lorenzo approached the world of dance by the age of 18 in Prato, first at “Smile” dance school, then at “Obiettivo Danza” dance school. He started with hip hop style and then he devoted himself to the classical dance and modern jazz.

From 2006 to 2009 he attended “Arteinscena” musical school at the Teatro Politeama in Prato, in which he trained as a dancer, singer and actor. This experience led him to co-found the company named “I ragazzi del musical”, along with ex-alumni. In this company he was choreographer, as well as dancer, actor and singer. The company performed both in Italy and in other European cities. 

He has been keeping studying performing arts since 2009: from hip hop at the “Ballet Studio” in Montecatini to boogie woogie at the “Ritmoloco” in Prato; as far as singing is concerned, he studied vocal technique with several teachers, notably Patrizia Calussi and Mary Filizzola.

In 2010 he was member of the “Evita” London cast tour in Florence.
In 2012 he was part of the corps de ballet “Ladies”, an Italian musical comedy.
In 2013 he was choreographer and performer in the dancing project “Electric Jungle”. 
In 2014 he was part of the company “Aspettando Broadway” in Bologna.
In 2016 he performed in “Anna nel favoloso mondo delle Filastrocche”, under the direction of Giulia Nannini.